One of the main reasons I began yoga was due to having back pain every single day. When I was younger I was diagnosed with minor scoliosis, so I had back pain pretty frequently. I knew of a teacher at a local studio who always mentioned to me that yoga would help, and one day I finally decided to go to one of their classes. I fell in love with the practice very quickly, and knew I found something special. I began to attend classes on a regular basis, around 3-4 a week. I noticed my back pain began to become almost nonexistent. Yoga helped me not only physically, but mentally too. I have always struggled with anxiety, and yoga is one of the best things I've found to take my mind off of everything and zone in on the present moment. I struggled with having confidence in my own skin, and the more I practiced yoga I noticed my confidence levels began to rise.
I began to establish an at home practice to stay more consistent and hold myself accountable. I eventually decided to get my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification. I learned a lot about myself during that training, and am grateful for being able to share this practice with those around me! I am all about helping people begin their yoga journey, and learning to love yourself. Yoga has changed my life in more ways than one, and I want everyone to experience what all this practice has to offer.